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We are busy getting ready for upcoming events, including Ryu-Kon 2014.
The theme for 2014 is Horror
That means that in addition to anime, gaming & steampunk, we will also have vampires, werewolves, monsters and other evil shinanigans afoot.  So we need lots of help to make Ryu-Kon 2014 a blast!

Ryu-Kon 2014
Gofer Program

Ryu-Kon is currently looking for Gofers for Ryu-Kon 2014.  This is a fun way to get involved with Ryu-Kon, make new friends, gain work experience, get a behind the scenes look at how Anime & Gaming Conventions work, work towards becoming a permanent Ryu-Kon Staff Member and even get some great freebies!

Gofers are extremely important in helping Ryu-Kon run smoothly. 
This year, with our huge new location, we need even more. 
In exchange for your assistance, you will receive your Ryu-Kon admission free.

Gofers help with all kinds of jobs, such as :

•Line assistance
•Directing people to different event rooms
• Helping with set up and break down
•Relieving people for breaks
•Assisting loading and unloading the truck
•Assistance with panels & workshops
• Other odd jobs as needed.

 *Please note that all Gofers must be attend orientation on Thursday, July 17 or Friday July 18 while we are doing set up at the Convention Center, unless a pre-arranged meeting has been approved.  We will chat with you about what time works best for you during set up times.

I want to be a
 Ryu-Kon 2014 Gofer and be an important part of the team!

Show me the application!

All Gofers must commit to some meetings that will be done throughout the year, either in person or by online meetings by Facebook or Skype, to go over the event that you are volunteering for.  More details will
All Gofers must be at least 14 years old
All Gofers that are under 18 must fill out a
Parent Release Form & email it to us
at or mail it to us to:
The Ryu-Kon Group
Atn. Bev Sotile
67 Mill Street

Nunda, NY 14517

10 Reasons to become a Ryu-Kon Volunteer:

1)    It’s a great way to gain volunteer hours for high school programs
2)    By working as part of the Ryu-Kon team, you will gain valuable skills that will help you with employment in the future in many different fields.  
3)    It’s a fun way to get experience to help you get a job (Ryu-Kon Group will give you a letter of reference that you can include with your job applications)
4)     When you volunteer for Ryu-Kon conventions you gain volunteer experience and hours that can be listed when you apply to your dream college.  Ryu-Kon Group will give you a letter to give to your school.
5)    It’s a great way to make new friends!  
6)    Being a Ryu-Kon Gofer is the first step in becoming Ryu-Kon Group Staff.  If you are interested in becoming a Ryu-Kon Staff member, be sure to let us know on your volunteer application.
7)    Being a Ryu-Kon Volunteer is a great way to see behind the scenes of one of the most unique and exciting events in the United States. 
8)  Ryu-Kon volunteers now receive free admission to the convention.  
9)    As a Ryu-Kon volunteer, you will be helping us to bring the community an event that promotes anime, gaming, steampunk and creativity.  Our events also give people the chance to meet new friends who have the same interests, while also participating in panels, workshops and events that help them to use their creativity productively.  Our conventions are also a great way to meet people in creative fields who share their experience and wisdom to those who are interested in pursuing creative fields.  
10)    We couldn't do our conventions without the assistance of caring and creative people like you!
Apply now by downloading
 an application.

Thank you!

We are currently seeking volunteers for the upcoming Minecraft Live Action Role Playing Event that will be taking place at Ryu-Kon 2014, July 2014.  if you have what it takes to be a Creeper, Zombie, Enderman or other dark creature of the night, we want you!  If you are interested,
please contact Bev Sotile at

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